O. Henry: Genius of American Short Stories

I have fallen in love with the writing style of O. Henry. Perhaps it was the wit, perhaps the incredible way he could turn a story. Oftentimes, his story was comedic, sometimes they were philosophical. He could give his characters complex personalities, tell an amazing story and give it a wonderful ending all in the space of a few short pages. And, as a bonus, he lived for a time in my home town, San Antonio TX.

So for the next week (maybe more) I will have very informal posts appearing, "discussing my thoughts about his short stories. They don't take long to read, so get a copy and follow along. Here is a list of the stories that I will write about for the first week; from Wednesday, the 10th to Wednesday the 17th:

Springtime a la Carte

Schools and Schools

Defeat of the City

The Skylight Room


Do read the stories...I'd really love to hear what you think!

To read a free copy of his stories click here.


Nana said...

OH MY! I love O. Henry! Such wonderful works! Speaking of which, I should go pull out his book of short stories and read them again (like for the hundredth time!)


Audrey said...

O. Henry's awesome!!!! I think my favorite of his stories is "The Romance of a Busy Broker." I have a set of six books of his short stories!