O. Henry: Springtime a la Carte

Pages: 7

Teaser: It was a day in March.

After this tabooed beginning, O. Henry crafts his comically touching story of a girl, engaged to a farmer's son. She planned to have spring wedding:"at the very first signs of spring." But it is March and the snows have not melted from the streets. Her whole existence has begun to feel rather hopeless...

...but no, you'll have to read it to find out what happens.

Something To Laugh At: To begin the story, O. Henry says that "it was a day in March," a comment he immediately tells all readers never to copy: it is boring, it is dry. It is an bad way to begin the story.

For an poor way to begin the story, he surely does manages to make it a good one!


Nana said...

Oh, yeah. I've read this one. It's awesome!

Jo March said...

I'll have to check this out! I haven't read any O. Henry before, but I've heard he writes well!

My grandma gave me the complete Sherlock Holmes (the B&N classics) for Christmas, and I'm having soooo much fun reading through all the stories that I hadn't read or even known existed before! I just wish that there were less stories about murders, and more like the missing person ones, or the "Scandal in Bohemia" :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucie! Long time no see :).

I love O. Henry. I got a book of his short stories last time I was on vacation, and devoured it. So funny, good, and VERY American.
Hope to be writing more on my blog soon... and hope to see more on yours! How's your costume coming?


shelby said...

Well I'm just gonna hafto try ole O.Henry. He sounds pretty good.


ps I'm really lovin your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lucie, just dropping by to say that I've posted your order! hope ya like it! :)


Anonymous said...

it looks loverly to me! :) Though I am probably *quite* prejudiced! :)

Thanks for placing an 'order' :)


Anonymous said...

I have read that book. Good book! I encourage everyone to read it.